And the winner of the Leopold Ružička Award


  • Gordan Horvat: Cyclopeptides as versatile anion sensors in solution
  • Gracjan Kurpik: Metallosupramolecular Assemblies – From Simple Complexes to Functional Nanostructures
  • Nikola Sakač: Solutions for Pollutants Sensing – Surfactants, Estrogen and Glyphosate Sensors
  • Ivo Piantanida: Triarylboranes: Novel Type of Dye for Biomacromolecules
  • Nikola Bedeković: Carbonated Water: Acid, Buffer or Both?
  • Daria Stejskal: Innovative Approaches in Teaching Chemistry
  • Jurica Bauer: Fostering Transdisciplinary Learning in Science and Technology
  • Jyoti Yadav: Nucleation Kinetics of Ascorbic Acid in Water and Water-Ethanol Solvent
  • Maša Safundžić Kučuk: JGL’s Experience in Demonstrating Extended Pharmaceutical Equivalence in Drug Product Solutions 
  • Želimir Kurtanjek: Causal Analysis of Molecular Descriptors of Eutectic Solutions of Choline Chloride Systems Applicable in Pharma Technologies 
  • Riya Sailani: Spectrophotometric Kinetic and Thermodynamic Investigation for the Oxidation of Anilines by Hexachloroiridate (IV) in Solution Media: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study
  • Marin Liović: Halogenide Anions as Hydrogen and Halogen Bond Acceptors in Simple Cocrystals with a Neutral Halogen Bond Donor
  • Miroslava Čonková: From Single Molecule to Responsive Aggregate: Multiresponsive Photoswitch in Nonpolar Solvents
  • Aleks Logožar: ML2 Metal Complexes with bpa and imda Ligands – In Solution and Solid-State
  • Davor Kovačević: Applications of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers for the Reduction of Bacterial Adhesion
  • Ina Erceg: Comparison of Albumin and Chitosan Effects on Calcium Phosphate Formation on Titanate Nanomaterials
  • Gloria Zlatić: Protective Ability of Artemisia Annua L. Against Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of Aluminium Alloy 5083 Caused by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Artificial Seawater